Jun 20, 2005

This is an obsolete project. It is not maintained any longer and is provided here for reference only.

This is a free OATH-compliant OTP client for PDAs that generates one-time passwords based on HMAC OTP (HOTP) standard. This standard is a recent industry development for open strong authentication. It is an effort of the initiative for Open AuTHentication supported by multiple vendors.

The idea behind hmacOTP is that you do not need any of those OTP tokens as long as you have your PDA. Keep your keychain for something more useful and find something better to spend your dollars at.

Simply download hmacOTP, put it to your PDA any way you like (hot-sync or beam it, use SD or Compact Flash card, etc.) and this is it. Once configured with your secret, hmacOTP will automatically generate a new one-time password every time you run it. You do not need to do anything special, just run and get your password. You may also generate few more next passwords manually as well.


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